We’ve got a boat and like to paddle it.

About four years ago we were introduced to the sport of canoeing and kayaking while trying out the usual sit-on-top kayak.  We were quickly hooked!  The idea of being able to slide the craft into the water just about anywhere, and explore all the nooks and crannies that present themselves here in Wisconsin, really appealed to us.  Soon we were out shopping for a tandem kayak, but the thought of trying to stay comfortable while basically sitting on the bottom of the boat was a concern.  We happened to notice that there was a tandem canoe next to one of the kayaks we were considering.  You sit up higher, have a backrest, room for all our “stuff” and yet the canoe was short enough so it was easy to transport.  We purchased a Mad River Adventure 14′ Canoe!

We live in Green Bay, WI which means there’s plenty of lakes, rivers, and bays where we can put the boat in.  The idea is to paddle for a few hours, munch on snacks, burn come calories, and find somewhere to grab a bite to eat afterwards.  Launching and taking out at the same location is needed since it’s just the two of us, so staging a vehicle is not easy or convenient.  Mostly we travel around Northeast Wisconsin (especially Door County) and the UP of Michigan.  Someday we hope to make it to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of Minnesota.

So you’re probably asking “Why Two Badgers”?  Jane and I met while attending the University of Wisconsin Madison.  We like to get back as often as possible while still keeping it fresh.  Two Badgers and a Boat!

Thanks for visiting and feel free to drop us a quick note if you want to chat.

Chris and Jane